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  • Areas that can be treated
    Hips/love handles Arms/ Bingo Wings Thighs The area underneath the buttocks Stomach and back Jawline / Double Chin Inner Knees Flanks / Love Handles Under bra fat / back fat Cheeks (Lemon Bottle Only)
  • Not Suitable For
    Allergies to any of the ingredients (Lemon bottle contains: pineapple. Aqualyx contains: soy) Pregnancy or breast feeding Treatment suitable for people over 18 years of age ONLY Not advised for clients over 60- only due to the fact that the treatment can be less affective Lipodystrophy (when a person cannot produce fat) Lipoedema – irregular build up of fat, usually found in legs and arms Liver and kidney disease or disorder Thyroid disorders Diabetes Under the use of anticoagulants Skin disease or infection in target treatment area Scar tissue- do not treat scarring for 6 months post treatment Current infection or illness
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